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I’m a very happy user of PhotoShelter. PhotoShelter provides me with easy online presentation of my work, extensive administrative functions with galleries and collections, search functions for the customers, advanced pricing profile setup and a complete shopping system with payment transactions, billing, download etc.

They do unfortunately lack a few features. The most important one is the ability to synchronize the online photo archive with my local files.

The way I work, I often make changes to older photos in my archive. Minor color corrections, removal of small skin blemishes, changes to the cropping and now and then also the addition of images that were once discarded. The most frequent change is adding keywords and descriptions to images – a task that is often taken care of weeks later than my first publishing of the image.

Without the ability to automatically synchronize my local files to the PhotoShelter archive I would have to do this manually. Export the new image from my local administrative software (Adobe Bridge), locate the corresponding file on PhotoShelter, manually replace the file and wait for the upload to complete. Then carry on with the next file…

With thousands of images in my archive, this would be a tedious and time consuming task. One of those things that would slowly kill me – and indeed kill all motivation to improve my online archive.

Fortunately I’m also a programmer… A few months back I started digging through the javascript code behind the PhotoShelter administrative interface to find out how they handled the manual update of files. Based on that I created a script that would run on my own machine and make batch updates of the PhotoShelter archive. It have worked very well ever since 🙂

The script requires PHP 5 on your local machine to run. Instructions on use can be found at the top of the script.

This script is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.

You can download it from:

I have since then made an improved version that will not only update the exported JPEG files, but will also update titles, descriptions and keywords stored in either XMP, PSD or JPEG files. Very soon I will clean this up (remove code that is of no relevance to anyone but me) and make it available for download.

Until then – happy updating! 🙂

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  1. Hi
    there is a dutch guy who has made a photoshelter synchronization software for those of us who work with Photoshop Lightroom instead of Bridge. It can replace image files already in PSh archive with new versions from local archive. It can also syncrhronize metadata between local and PSh archive.
    I find this very usefull as the whole upload process to Photoshelter in integrated to Lightroom with this plugin.
    In general terms, don’t you think Bridge as a file browser is a little outdated way to manage your catalogue compared to Lightroom which is a proper data base engine, and a fine one for the low price?

    Anyway, here is the site of the dutch photographer/developer who has created the wonderful Litroom plugin in co-operation with the guys at PSh:

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